To get a sugar daddy or not to get a sugar daddy, that is the question

So it turns out this weekend is the long weekend YAY!!! So here I am making plans with the girls, when I open up my netbank account and realise I am literally BROKE!!!!! ahaha so knowing I have like $45 to last me through to Tuesday, I create a plan… Like bitch please, you think being broke is going stop me from going to the Lindt café with the girls? hahaha NO!

That feeling of being broke does SOMETIMES make me feel quite stressed, however I seem to be able to really save money during those times, weird isn’t it? So since I’m hocus pocus brokus, I created a plan on how to make $45 stretch over 5 days (I get paid on Tuesdays). Off to Coles I went, I walked around the aisles for a bit and was like hmm, I don’t want to buy anything that I already have. When I stopped and thought about all the delicious food that was in my kitchen, I realised all I had was a jar of olives (like seriously of all the food to have, bloody olives). So as I walked around I decided that I should only spending $10.

Walking through the shops thinking about where the hell all the money I got paid went, I came to this realisation that maybe I should consider finding a sugar daddy haha. Seriously, on Netflix they have a documentary  ‘escorts’ and the show ‘the client list’ really makes you think, fuck I am seriously in the wrong industry! The guy paid for the woman’s monthly rent, like seriously, can I have some of that money! But then again when the woman said “I like cum” and was walking around with it on her boobs and face, I was like errr no thanks, that’s a bit eww.

So with these sugar daddy thoughts in my head, I walked through the pasta sauce aisle and found a sauce that was $1.70!!!  That with pasta for $2.50 and the olives I have,  will be my dinner for the next 5 nights. Doesn’t sound extravagant, but seriously I’d rather spend my money on going out and having a good old gossip with the girls. Cornflakes and milk was my other best friend and all up, it came to $9.80, which was awesome, cause I still get to have an awesome weekend.

However, let me just put it out there, if you are a sugar daddy and you’re looking for a girl who doesn’t want your cum or penis anywhere near her and are still willing to pay for her broke arse lifestyle, hit me up.

Yours truly



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