When an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ moment turns embarrassing, really quickly!!




After having 4 days off work I finally dragged my body out of bed (well I actually rolled out of bed, onto the floor) . I got dressed and  rang my girlfriend (girl that’s a friend, guys, keep up). As I was talking to her, I threw my clothes on without a care in the world and said to her, “I’m wearing a dress today and it’s probably too short for work (I work in a childcare centre) but i actually don’t give a fuck” She laughed and asked if i would get into trouble and i was like, “they’re more than welcome to send me home” we both laughed and carried on.

So i bought my daily coffee and off I went down the street and it was at this point, that i realised something…….. karma is a real BITCH!! I obviously did not think about the fact that I was going to use my backpack instead of a handbag today and whilst I was walking I felt my backpack had made my dress go up and I was literally walk around with my underwear on COMPLETE display!!!

And yer fair enough, I’m single now (I can finally say HOORAY as I’m feeling a lot better)so I would generally just be like whatever and shrug it off… BUT I was wearing my big GRANNY underwear that actually almost reaches my belly button!!!

Boy was I embarrassed, as this street I was walking along is actually a main road, so a lot of people would have seen my granny underwear today. Needless to say I was mortified and quickly pulled my dress down.

So people, a lesson in life- when you are having one of your, “I DON’T GIVE  A FUCK MOMENTS” take care that Karma doesn’t come and bite you in the arse, cause that feeling of embarrassment can be a bitch (unless of course a hot guy notices and asks for your number).

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