When People Are Major Dicks

So earlier today, I had no idea what I was going to write about…… Until, this guy I have known for 4 years messaged me the following message, “Hey, I’m seeing someone so I don’t want you to call or message me. I hope you respect my wishes and sort your own life out”.

Now most of you might automatically say, what a dick, I unfortunately, was left shocked. And no, I wasn’t shocked that he was seeing anyone, cause seriously he could be seeing a guy and I wouldn’t give two hoots. I was shocked at the last part of the message, “sort your own life out”.

So what did I do? Instead of telling him how much of a dick he was, I deleted the message and his numbers and gave them a big FUCK YOU straight to the trash. I did not bother to reply, because number one, I can be a MEGA bitch and I know quite a few expletives. There are days when the word ‘fuck’ is in all of my sentences, except when I’m at work (no, your children did not learn that word from me, sorry).

Number two, you rang me the other night and asked if you could transfer the demerit points to me, so needless to say, I am glad I have a suspended license (I like to drive fast haha) so that I did not assist you in your dodgy ways.

Number three. When I was seeing someone, I broke it to you nicely because I am a nice person (well, I am sometimes). I was not a bitch, catty, rude or in anyway trying to make you jealous, although come to think of it, I should have been and yes everyone told me I had every right to be rude and tell you to fuck off including my mum and my grandmother. They also used other words, which were also not nice.. but can you blame them?

The grand finale, you made me cry and hurt me many times and yet every single time I was dumb enough to forgive you, even when you almost got physical (yes people, we all know I am an idiot). I was nice and thought you would change and I continued to be your friend until I started to date someone. When the breakup happened we had the most honest conversation we had ever had. Then of course there was the BANG. That message was the most horrible message I have ever received from you.

Sort your own life out? Seriously, do you know who you are talking to? I was the girl that was strong enough to deal with all of your shit. The girl who forgave your sorry arse  and the girl whose shoulder you cried on when you found out that your girlfriend had fallen pregnant with her ex husband’s baby.

Now, this is what I’m going to do. His calls will always be blocked and never again will I forgive him for being a dick. My friend told me that she thinks it may have been the girl who messaged me, which I had a feeling that it might have been, but you know what,


Enough is enough! That’s it! He has officially shut the door and thrown away the key. It is mother fucking done. Yes it took me four freaken years to do this, but it’s finally done. Done forever!

So ladies if  a guy does that to you, maybe you will want to message him. But please use expletives and swear at him, then message me his address and I will personally send him a bag of dicks, cause yeah, you can actually do that.


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