This hash tag is the start of something really big and amazing. It exposes the harassment that women have had to deal with and the emotions they have felt.

My first ME TOO moment was when I was 18years old. Walking down the street near my workplace. A man was driving by when he suddenly slowed down and just stared at me. Me being me, I gave him such a filthy look. This resulted in him hurling abuse at me. I felt scared and embarrassed, which looking back at it now, is so wrong! He should have felt embarrassed, not me!

The second METOO moment was when I was 19. I was on the train coming back from work and I had stopped at Strathfield. This man followed me and looked straight at my chest (I was wearing a v neck shirt) and I distinctly remember him saying, “You have nice boobs, where do you live”. I was absolutely petrified and immediately pulled my shirt up. Problem is, I should not have had to pull my shirt up, he SHOULD not have been looking at my chest.

Now the METOO moments I am about to mention happen all the time now. I have a large bust and unfortunately I can’t hide it. However the amount of looks that I receive, is disgusting! People don’t even look at my face, it’s just a straight look at my chest! It’s quite embarrassing!

Let me just say this, SOME men, need to train their eyes and thoughts. It will NEVER be okay for men to harass women! Hopefully this hashtag raises awareness and women are no longer seen as pieces of meat for SOME men to gawk at.

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