Dear Cafe’ Owners

Today is boxing day and I have found myself facing the ultimate dilemma, where do I go to buy my daily coffee? My usual café of choice is the Wolf and Stone , located in Marrickville (that’s in Sydney peeps). The owners of the café and their staff are amazing, friendly people, it is they and the smell of the coffee that invites you in.

WOLF and Stone

As well as making a deliciously satisfying cup of coffee they make a mean avocado on toast with fetta (fyi- they add these spices on the toast, which make it divine!)


Unfortunately today they were closed. Shock. Horror. I had obviously asked them daily for the past week when their shut down period was, to ensure I was prepared with a plan and yesterday (Christmas) I was fine because I was at my parent’s house and yes my mum makes a mean cup of coffee. However, today, I was very confused. I went on the Leichhardt community Facebook page to write a post asking which coffee shops were open, only to laugh when I read someone else’s post asking the exact same question. So off I went all the way to Leichhardt to buy myself a cup of caffeine (Sorry Marrickville, I know you are currently my neighbourhood but I know the Leichhardt area better.

So, now getting the to the point of this blog post. We NEED to come up with a solution for what to do when cafés are closed.. Like can’t you hire someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas to run your café for you? I would gladly put my hand up to do this, unfortunately for you though, you may not have any coffee beans left, once my shift is over ahaha.

Maybe you could create a vending machine that is designed to recreate the perfect smelling and tasting coffees you make??

Just please, I am BEGGING you, to, please come up with a solution for your Christmas shutdown period in 2018!